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The coaching relationship is a journey that the coach and client go on together — structured sessions where the client dictates the destination! In coaching there is something called a “coaching agreement”. This means that we will get specific about what you want to work on during the session, find out why it’s important to you and what reaching that goal will do for you.

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Depending on your needs and commitment individual coaching may be the best way to see results. The action plans, tools and discoveries that we come up with will be cultivated specifically for you. The one on one format allows for deeper exploration to get to the root of your obstacles. Coach Alyssa listens through the ADHD lense providing a unique perspective to your daily experience.


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** Group coaching is on hold at the moment **


Does it feel like you've been trying to do the same thing over and over on your own without much success? Maybe it's time to try group coaching. There's something about being in a group of people who just "get it." Not only do they get it, but they go through the exact same things that you do. The sense of community and accountability helps to understand our unique brain wiring and reach after our goals 

  • You feel that you are “broken” and not living up to your full potential.

  • You have said that you want to “be normal”.
    You feel stuck and unsure of your direction.

  • You would not speak to your friends the way you speak to yourself.

  • You struggle to manage your emotions.

  • You take others judgments personally.

  • You do not understand where your ADHD shows up and how it affects you.

  • You spend a lot of time stuck in your head.

  • You lack confidence in yourself.

  • You lack boundaries and aren’t sure how to set them.

  • You feel ashamed of your ADHD.

  • You are challenged in social situations.

  • You are easily overwhelmed and shut down.

  • You have a poor concept of time (time blind).

  • You have trouble managing tasks (organizing, prioritizing, delegating, activating, completing).

Let’s achieve it together!

Does this sound familiar?

  • Focused and clear action steps to achieve your goals.

  • Improved self-management.

  • Feel better about yourself using positive self-talk & mindfulness.

  • Increased self-awareness.

  • Uncover your strengths and discover your inner greatness.

  • Learn about your unique brain wiring and find the positive pieces to ADHD. .

  • Partnership and camaraderie (you are not alone).

  • Celebration of your wins and successes promoting increased confidence.

  • Self-compassion

  • Accountability.

  • Structure.

  • Feeling understood.

  • Tools, tips and tricks to manage your ADHD.

  • Overall improvement in well-being and happiness.

My role as your coach

I create a safe and supportive environment so that you can explore, grow and move yourself forward.

I know that you, as my client, are creative and resourceful. I am here to help you to learn about yourself, what you value and bring to the surface who you already are.

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