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Group Coaching

Therapy Session

How it works:

  • Structured Sessions 

  • We meet 1x a week!

  • Four sessions per month

  • One month commitment

  • $80 USD/month

  • Eastern Standard Time Zone

  • Coaching via zoom

​Find a group that

works for you:

Structure & Expectations​

  1. Everyone shares a win from their week.

  2. Everyone shares a struggle (something that they are going through) or elaborates on an accomplishment.

    • There will be an opportunity for members to answer and share.

    • Alyssa will ask some coaching questions.

  3. Everyone will share what goal they have for the week.

    • Alyssa will ask how the group can support you in achieving that goal.

Meeting Space


Each coaching group will have a meeting space on Coach Accountable. This will give the groups the possibility to:

  • Create actions

  • Create metrics

  • See when our sessions are taking place

  • Fill out and share worksheets

  • Message each other

    • One-on-one messaging

    • Group messaging

  • Add and share files

  • Write journal entries to share how you are feeling/discuss your progress, etc.



Prior to each meeting, members will receive a prep form.

After each meeting members will receive a post-session form to share what they experienced in the meeting. This is also an opportunity to address questions/concerns so that our meetings can best suit everyone!


Accountability partner


If you opt in to have an accountability partner, you will be expected to be there to support your partner just as they will be there to support you! These expectations will be discussed in our meetings to ensure that boundaries will be clear and remain intact.

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