Meet the Team 

Coach Alyssa Shaw, AAC

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“Coach Alyssa Shaw lives in Montreal, Canada near the beautiful lakeshore where she likes to take her morning walks. Alyssa discovered that she has ADHD in her mid-twenties after struggling with anxiety for over a decade. Her ADHD diagnosis was completely life-changing. While navigating her new-found diagnosis, Alyssa experienced revelations (aha! moments) that she wanted everyone with ADHD to get the opportunity to experience. This is how she ended up becoming an ADHD Coach! Alyssa is passionate about using a strengths based approach to challenge the limiting beliefs and negative self talk that may be holding you back from thriving with your unique and wonderful ADHD brain. Partner with her to find your voice, tap into self-awareness, and problem-solve unique ways to work with your ADHD instead of against it.”

Alyssa V,  Assistant

aka Aly (Coach Alyssa's right hand gal!) was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. She has a love of cooking and all things desserts! She met Coach Alyssa in cooking school where they named themselves AlySquared. Working with Coach Alyssa has exposed her to information regarding ADHD and has made her realize she shares many quirks seen in those with ADHD.