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Meet the Team

Meet Alyssa

For many years I tried to fix my ADHD. I learnt all the tips, tricks and "hacks". I implemented them all with a passion. I was determined to be the best version of myself that I could be and "live up to my full potential". 

I grew my coaching business to my vision of success: a full day of clients. That was 3 coaching groups and 2-3 clients per day. All of this during a time of massive uncertainty: the pandemic. 

Very shortly after, I had a big burnout and felt myself completely lost. 

I was floating around for years trying to understand how to "be an adult" and do all the things I am "meant to be doing". My big turning point was when I realized that I had never fully accepted that I have ADHD. I spent the first 5 years of my coaching career trying to live in spite of my ADHD. 

If any of things rings true, I'm here to tell you that I get it


It would be my absolute pleasure to support you in getting to know yourself (ADHD & all). 

Some things to know about me:

I am a good listener: I listen to what you are and aren't saying. I listen to the tone of your voice. I take in your facial expressions. I am not scared of silence. 

I love to be silly and I love to laugh. I am more than happy to bring amazingly wacky metaphors into our sessions!

I welcome your big feelings


I am not scared to ask tough questions

This is My Pet Sidekick, Riley

This pup stole my heart a few years ago. She was my Christmas gift from my husband. He would tell you that she walks all over me. Can you blame me?! 

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