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Student Coaching 

How it works:

  • Structured Sessions. 

  • We meet 1x a week.

  • Eastern Standard Time Zone.

  • Coaching via zoom.

Let's get you on track! ​

Session Structure

The first few sessions we will do what I call the "Rainbow List exercise". This is a lot of fun and is used to unearth your natural strengths! These natural strengths will be important to use when doing assignments and exams!  

After the Rainbow list sessions: 

  1. Come to session with your win of the week (don't worry, I'll ask you in your prep form!) 

  2. Fill out the prep form to help decide what you would like to focus on for the week.

  3. Discuss action steps from the week before.

  4. We get very specific on what you want to focus on to ensure we are moving you in the right direction. 

    **Please note: If you come to coaching in a state of panic and are behind on your schoolwork we will go into "crunch time mode" and skip over the rainbow list sessions to get you back on track!

WhatsApp support 

In-between our sessions you will be able to message me to celebrate that you did the thing (like submitting/starting an assignment) or that you are having a tough time and I can ask you a question or two to help get you back on track! 

Action Steps

Action steps - these are actions that we create during session to help move you forward and reach your goals!

  • Fill out the Prep form prior to our session.

  • Fill out the Post-session form after our session. 

Let's get started!

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