Individual Coaching

Depending on your needs and commitment this may be the best way to see results since the action plans, tools and discoveries that we come up with will be cultivated specifically for you.

Student Coaching

Weekly coaching sessions focusing on breaking down school work while highlighting natural strengths  and learning styles. Students love using the Coach Accountable platform alongside weekly coaching calls!

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Coaching deliverables

Online Coaching Software

We communicate through Coach Accountable. This allows for accountability and greater follow through on our goals. 


Those of us with ADHD have a love-hate relationship with structure. It enables us to get our task list done but it can be oh-so-very boring!!

We will create structure and develop strategies to thrive in said structure!

Feeling Understood

I have ADHD along with anxiety so I get it. I genuinely care about your struggles and understand what you are going through. 


We will work on your relationship with yourself.


You have a unique brain wiring (ADHD) and we will be checking in to see what role that plays in your day!

With ADHD there is often a backlog of negative self talk that becomes a barrier to doing what we want to do! We will be mindful and take a look at how you are talking to yourself.

Action steps

Each week we will have tasks/actions for you to act on to accomplish your goals. Coaching is forward movement to get you where you want to be! 

Find your voice

We will find out what you want and what action steps you can take to get it. 

This often involves setting boundaries, looking at your needs and values.

Once we discover what you want, we can put you on the path to get it!

WHAT clients say

After surviving a car accident, my high functioning ADHD became full blown ADHD. Basically, it felt like my brain was offline. My executive functions sucked and I was stuck getting organized enough to go back to work. With Alyssa's help and initial hand holding, I was able to re-activate, get organized, add balance to my activities and make self-care a priority. Her understanding of the hiccoughs we encounter really shined and she managed to help me move when I was completely stuck. Her compassion and common sense belies her young years. (That's coming from a gray haired old lady.) I would not hesitate to recommend Alyssa to gain clarity and start taking more action while taking properly care of yourself.

— Monique, Montreal


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