Morning Coffee Group Membership

Daily Group Coaching 

Registration is now open for the JULY group! 

Each week day morning, in an intimate group of 5, share your wins and challenges from the day before and set your intentions for the day ahead. 


3 weeks ($187.50):

  • Week 1: Monday July 5th - Friday July 9th

  • Week 2: Monday July 12th - Friday July 16th

  • Week 3: Monday July 19th - Friday July 23rd 

Pick a group that suits you!

Group #1: 8:30-9:05am EDT

Group #2: 9:15-9:50am EDT

Late to rise?

We got you covered with our new group:

Group #3: 1:00pm-1:35 EDT

*limited spaces available in each group

This group is for the multitaskers of the world!

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a parent supporting their family, a student, a retiree or someone in-between - this group is for you! 

We often don't take a moment to intentionally decide how we want to spend our days.

Let's shake up our daily routines that aren't serving us and invest 35 minutes of our day to be intentional with our time, move ourselves forwards and support our fellow group members to get to where we want to be!

Before you can register for the group, you’ll need to book a free, 30 minute Info Session with Alyssa.

Morning Coffee Includes:

  • Power hour co-working group through Focusmate.

  • Drop-in, individual coaching sessions at a discounted rate ($100/session). Must be used during the month of the coaching group. 

  • Opportunity to be a part of the WhatsApp group to share our wins + struggles to support each other throughout the day.

  • Morning Coffee Alumni Facebook group to connect with all Morning Coffee Members and share resources.​

Before you can register for the group, you’ll need to book a free, 30 minute Info Session with Alyssa.


Celebrate your wins, share your challenges, ground your intentions

Have you ever considered Chi Kung?

Start your day by calming your mind, reducing anxiety, improving your mood and setting the stage for a strong posture throughout the day. A calmer state allows you to make better decisions, and stay grounded throughout your day. A regular practice can help strengthen the immune system while increasing our energy levels.