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Processing Modalities - Deep Dive

10 sessions (50 min each) - $1200

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You may have probably already heard the term learning style or processing style from being in school. I have heard the term "visual learner" quite a few times.  

Did you know that these processing styles are how you communicate and interact with the world? I didn't! 

Taking a deep dive into each of the processing modalities will help you to:

  • Understand how you best interpret information (example: verbal vs. written instructions).

  • Give you insight into how you use processing modalities so that you can be more intentional in using them.

  • Prompts & tools that help you to use your natural processing modalities.

  • A clear list of which processing modalities work best for you and in which circumstances.

    • Example​: You work best when moving (kinesthetic). To elicit this processing modality at work in an office with others, you use a fidget and have pedals under your desk. At home you go on an exercise bike while reading. 
      *please note what works for one person may not work for another - that's why there is one session dedicated for discovering each processing modality.

​You will walk away with:

Session 1: Introduction to Processing Modalities 

You will learn:

What is a processing modality? 

How do they show up in our lives?

What impact do our processing modalities have? 

Why should we learn about them?

Session 2: Visual Processing Style Discovery

Session 3: Auditory Processing Style Discovery

Session 4: Verbal Processing Style Discovery

Session 5: Kinesthetic Processing Style Discovery

Session 6: Conceptual Processing Style Discovery 

Session 7: Intuitive Processing Style Discovery 

Session 8: Emotional Processing Style Discovery 

Session 9: Tactile Processing Style Discovery 

Session 10: Recap & Review 

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